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August 19, 2009  
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Everyday life
Transforming Grace by Jerry Bridges
The Discipline of Grace by Jerry Bridges
The Prodigal God by Tim Keller
Living the Cross-Centered Life by C.J. Mahaney
The Gospel for Real Life by Jerry Bridges
The Reign of Grace by Scotty Smith
How People Change by Tim Lane
Broken Down House by Paul Tripp
The Enemy Within by Kris Lungaard

Books on Mission/Gospel
The Gospel in a Pluralist Society, Leslie Newbigin purchase
The Church Between Gospel and Culture, George Hunsburger purchase
The Radical Reformission, Mark Driscoll purchase
Breaking the Missional Code, Ed Stetzer purchase


Systematic Theology, Wayne Grudem purchase
Integrative Theology, Gordon Lewis & Bruce Demarest purchase

Church Government
Biblical Eldership, Alexander Strauch purchase
Elders and Leaders, Gene Getz purchase
Nine Marks of a Healthy Church, Mark Dever purchase
Confessions of a Reformission Rev, Mark Driscoll purchase

New Age

Clifford, Ross, and Phillip Johnson Jesus and the Gods of the New Age

Rhodes, Ron. The Counterfeit Christ of the New Age Movement

Philosophers and Philosophies

Geisler, Norman L., and Paul D. Fineberg Introduction to Philosophy: A Christian Perspective

Wilkens, Steve. Good Ideas from Questionable Christians and Outright Pagans: An Introduction to Key Thinkers and Philosophies


Grenz, Stanley J. A Primer on Postmodernism

Penner, Myron B., ed. Christianity and the Postmodern Turn: Six Views

Smith, James K.A. Who’s Afraid of Postermoderism? Taking Derrida, Lyotard, and Foucault to Church

The Problem of Evil

Feinberg, John S. The Many Faces of Evil: Theological Systmes and the Problems of Evil

Lewis, C.S. The Problem of Pain

Plantiga, Alvin. God, Freedom, and Evil


Sproul, R.C. Lifeviews

Carti John Piper

Resurse despre Centralitatea Evangheliei – Lecturi

Gospel Coalition Foundation Documents
The Gospel of Jesus Christ: An Evangelical Celebration
Together for the Gospel Statement (PDF)
The Centrality of the Gospel by Tim Keller (PDF)
The Biblical Gospel by D.A. Carson (PDF)
Gospel-Driven Sanctification by Jerry Bridges (PDF)
The Transforming Power of the Gospel – Steve Childers (PDF)
The Gospel and the Poor by Tim Keller (PDF)
Fight Clubs: Gospel-Centered Discipleship by Jonathan Dodson (PDF)
The Gospel Centered Life by Bob Thune (study)
Gospel-Centered Ministry by Tim Keller (PDF)
How to Preach the Gospel to Yourself by David Fairchild (Sermon MSS)
The Gospel: Key to Change by Tim Keller (PDF)
God Strengthens Us by the Gospel by John Piper
Advancing the Gospel in the 21st Century Part 2 by Tim Keller
Gospel-Centered Preaching by Steve Childers (not online)
Gospel Christianity (1.0) (2.0) (3.0) by Tim Keller (studies)
The Gospel in Its Many Forms by Tim Keller
How Does the Gospel Save Believers? (Part 2) (Part 3) by John Piper
Gospel-Centered by Joe Thorn
Being the Church in Our Culture by Tim Keller (PDF)
Preach the Gospel to Yourself by Tim Challies
What Do I Mean by a Gospel-Driven Life? (Part 2 | Part 3) by John Fonville
The Gospel-Driven Life by Harry Reeder III

daca mai ai timp…

American Evangelicalism by James Davison Hunter
Chameleon Christianity by Dick Keyes
Christ and Culture Revisited by D. A. Carson
Christian Mission in the Modern World by John Stott
Culture Making by Andy Crouch
Engaging God’s World by Cornelius Plantinga
God in the Wasteland by David Wells
The Gospel in a Pluralist Society by Lesslie Newbigin
The Gravedigger File by Os Guinness
How Now Shall We Live? by Chuck Colson and Nancy Pearcey
Lectures on Calvinism by Abraham Kuyper
No Place for Truth by David Wells
Resident Aliens by Stanley Hauerwas and William Willimon
The Way of the Modern World by Craig Gay
Where in the World Is the Church? by Michael Horton


The Abolition of Man by C. S. Lewis
All God’s Children in Blue Suede Shoes by Ken Myers
Christ and Culture by H. Richard Niebuhr
The Church Before the Watching World by Francis Schaeffer
The Contemporary Christian by John Stott
Creation Regained by Albert Wolters
The Culturally Savvy Christian by Dick Staub
Culture Matters by T. M. Moore
He Shines in All That’s Fair by Richard Mouw
Heaven Is a Place on Earth by Michael Wittmer
Heaven Is Not My Home by Paul Marshall
Making the Best of It: Following Christ in the Real World by John G. Stackhouse Jr.
No God but God by John Seel and Os Guinness
The Noise of Solemn Assemblies by Peter Berger
Not the Way It’s Supposed to Be by Cornelius Plantinga
A Peculiar People by Rodney Clapp
Prophetic Untimeliness by Os Guinness
Redeeming Pop-Culture by T. M. Moore
Rumor of Angels by Peter Berger
Surprised by Hope by N. T. Wright
The Transforming Vision by Brian Walsh and Richard Middleton
Too Christian, Too Pagan by Dick Staub
Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey
When the Kings Come Marching In by Richard Mouw
Where Resident Aliens Live by Stanley Hauerwas and William Willimon